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What is SONAR?

What is SONAR?

SONAR is an email tracker for Gmail to see when your emails are read so you can make better decisions after you send your email.

Is SONAR free?

Is SONAR free?

You can use SONAR to track your emails free forever. But we recommend you upgrade your plan to get the most out of your emails.

How to install SONAR ?

How to install SONAR ?

Go to Google Chrome Webstore. Search SONAR Email Tracker. Add to your Chrome. Send emails as usual.

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How to track emails with SONAR?

Compose your email as usual. Make sure SONAR is enabled. Click send. Your email is now tracked by SONAR and you will get notified when the recipient has opened your email.

How to track email activities with SONAR?

How to get daily reports?

How to get real-time notifications?

What are Not Opened reminders?

How to contact SONAR?

Send us an email, with SONAR, of course, 😉 at [email protected]. We’re ready and happy to help you any time you need us.

Now you're ready to track your emails with SONAR

SONAR will show if your email has been opened or not so you can make better decisions on what to do next with your email. Get instant web-push notifications when someone opens your email to make your next move.

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